Deep Dive Package

12 sessions + 2-3 support emails/texts per week.

Like 'Take The Plunge' but goes beyond. These sessions will allow more time to create and solidify positive habits and lifestyle changes. Then, we can refine or modify the action steps if needed, as you achieve your goals along the way. With support and encouragement, you will find yourself making amazing progress and deepening your resolve to create your best life.



  • Plunge Package

    4 sessions + 2-3 support emails/texts per week. The first coaching call will be a 2-hour strategy session where we will delve into where you're at and where you would like to be. From there, we will work together to customize an action plan. Depending on your goals, your action plan may include: stress reduction techniques, customized diet/meal plan, workout routine, and lifestyle adjustments, as needed. The remaining sessions will focus on executing the action steps and making progress toward your goals. If any obstacles arise, they will be worked through, with support and encouragement.